Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's over! The stole is dead! Two new PROJECTS HAVE BEGUN!

I discovered that if I was going to continue knitting the STOLE I would end up

So I just


Now I am very

Also NOTE that not only am I happy but the FROG is happy too!

I was sooooooooooooooooo tired of knitting, reading the pattern, pulling out the stitches..............some bloody freaky that I had to get off in exhaustion.................
Now I have started knitting (with all the bloody yarn I bought for the Stole) a scarf for my Mum. I can remember how to do feather and fan (which is the pattern) without a book or a pattern...............just my style.

and it is growing without any heartache on my part..........just the way I like it. And I've added some beads which is FUN! FUN! FUN!

And I have taken inspiration from PaT Ashforth and Steve Plummer after deciding that I was a genius (just not discovered!) and can kkkkkkkkknit without pppppppppatterns

I visited the LYS and picked up these
and dug out my favourite circular that I bought in Connecticut when I visited in 2005........and I can't remember the brand name because I want more of them. I love the tips............just wonderful to knit with.

I might even get the opportunity to

if our summer holds far rain, rain and more rain.
I could do with a bit of sun and Pat and Steve's books might inspire me to greater heights.


Emil said...

quess what... I´m reading those two books too :) We do have a same kind of funny connection over sooo many miles :) ... and now this freeform...aaaargh ;)

Kristina B said...

Looking guid, Susie! Kermit must be very happy indeed... :-)