Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Nana Quilt - it only took 10 years from start to finish!

Ten years or more in the making.

To tell the truth I forgot that I had started it.
And then I rediscovered it hidden in an unpacked box of goodies (from a house move in 2000) when I moved into my studio and then and there I decided to finish it.
It consists of my darling Nana's crocheted hope chest doiley's that would be around 90 -100 years old, my aunt's bits and pieces of lace and ribbon, and my own fabrics and lace collected over the years .

This is a photo of My Nana and Pop on their wedding day in 1919.
I have appliqued and machine embroidered items that I think signify some of the things my Nana loved in life.
The quilt fits the top of my queen size bed and consists of 13 block onpoint plus half blocks.
I joined it with a brownish cotton representing the seemingly plainness of my nana's life.
The blocks represent her rich inner life.
Well that sounds good anyway and I'm pretty sure it's true! LOL!
Anyway - ta..................da!


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Kristina B said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely homage to your grandmother! :-)