Monday, March 10, 2008

A Shell

Yesterday I knitted a shell....................well really a knitted form that looks like a shell.

I didn't actually go to the beach and get a shell and then break it up and knit it. DUH!

I've been challenged by the knitting needles of late because:
I figure that what I can do in crochet I can do in knitting.
Knitting is straight with all the stitches on a needle (or two or three or four or five.......) whereas with crochet it's only one stitch on the hook.
I want to see if I can get things to curl and bulge and recede with knitting just like I can with crochet.

So I made a shell.
The most amazing thing is that I did not frog anything. The frog, I think from the noise going on was very sad.

I did finish it off with crochet but that's only the trim and the circular end bit of the inside of the the stuffing is covered.

But you could call it a hidden shell animal!
And I might add there is NO pattern.

I don't do patterns because I only want to make things once. Too many things to play with rather than repeat repeat that is a ripping frog noise too!

So I don't want to rip out rip out rip out and I don't want to repeat.....repeat......repeat.........


Emma of Flitwick said...

I love the shell! It is exquisite!

Kristina B said...


I agree - say no to kermit!