Monday, April 7, 2008

Warm Arms Denim Jacket and a New Quilt!

Another busy week
and now I can relax
It's done..........
it's finished...........
and it's wearable!

And I love it...........
it's warm,
it's cozy
best of all -
it fits!

And I also finished a quilt called SunRise...........
Idea from Ricky Timms and the Fibonacci sequence.
Lots of fun to make because it
a lot of chopping into fabric - which I love
......and NO pattern.

Now I just have to pack for the Orange Fibre Forum next week!
Can't wait.
At least I have a theme for the workshop I am doing with Sandra Meech
I'm going to work with


More on all of this in later blogs!
They actually look quite tasty
while I'm at the Forum
I'm gonna go get a

so I don't obssess about them
and then get ready to

Now onto more serious matters!

I was gonna leave George Bush alone as I've given him a bit of a bashing the last few posts and then I came across this shocking pic of what he does to cats and so I can't keep quite, can I?

That's murder in my books! I'm outraged!

But Kevin is still my man..........ah..........i can see the resemblance!
Maybe George was trying to eat him!
Now there's a dangerous thought.
Ah Kevin

Oh and another thing I came across this week..........

Remember the swan doiley's our Nana's used to


Well this is the latest version..............

It also looks quite tasty.

Maybe I'm hungry and should go eat

Miaou! Chiou!


Kristina B said...

Fantastic jacket!!! Can I have it? Please please please?!

I did give you that tip on how tomake big $$$ in Canada... and, let's face it, Bill Clinton only has a southern US accent. Being from OZ, I'm sure you could write your paycheque up here. Just remember your friends... ;-)

Oh - the quilt is great too. ahem.

Anonymous said...

Now which shawl can I have in exchange?????????? LOLOLOL!

You wouldn't want to know about my paycheck...........that's why I'm relying on the Bill plan! Get off plane and money Canada......can't promise the same for OZ! Goddess I HATE politicians - exept Kevin (note - only at the moment - no doubt he will fall from my graces eventually!)