Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Scribble Lace Wrap that Growed & Growed and other stuff as per usual!

Well Guess What day it is?

Yes I know you know....
it's the Day
when people do all
strange things which
I think are pretty cool
and can be very funny...

Strange signs appear around the country side:

Now this one should be in Greece because they eat a lot of

which creates the real thing.....not the

Even very important people get involved:

It's a joke.......Kevin.
We know it's the wrong flag.
We know you won't sell us up the river!
Not like Little Johnny wanted to do......

Well, I wonder why it would be
his favourite day?
Ah, yes...
April Fools Day for a Fool!

and in Greece a real joke!
We all know that they really ride around in

And of course, the Brits have to have the last
word on everything.......well they think they do
However on my day I've been busy knitting.....
I've knitted and knitted and knitted and finally finished
Scribble Lace Wrap that
Growed and
Growed and

For directions on how to do it -
go buy your own
Unexpected Knitting book
by Debbie New!
It's bloody fantastic.

Just as well I'm not easily scared!


Kristina B said...

Susie: amazing scribble wrap!!! Like the greek photos too, of course. Check out my blog post today for a poster about ancient Greece. LOL

Kristina B said...

Susie PS: hope you're enjoying the fibrefest!

I got four new rubber duckies, and you're part of the post about them: 16 April Brouhaha.