Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Long & Short Bag AKA The Warm Arms Bag

thank goddess it's over


has been ........left the loot

and gone to visit more important people like

She got flowers instead of an

(This has been saved for the Greek Easter - for an important person in Greece!)
and the

who was trying to find him - but he was flaked out on a Mountain in Italy

And of course to the most important person in the entire world

Special Easter Hugs all round!
OHHHHH so cute!

And of course Mr Easter Bunny was full of complaints to his buddy

Well........they both better get over it cause they have to visit Greece next month............

Anyway aside from the bunny and egg and chickens and stuff I know the real meaning of Easter.....It was when that cool cat Jesus got himself done in and

and managed to get himself reconnected again after three days of looking!
I did do some very important resurrecting stuff at Easter.
I have resurrected the Warms Arms project and turned it into a bag.

Short for my crochet

and Long for my knitting

and now I am onto knitting my other sock

PRAYING FEET...............

Ya see I knows lots of stuff about everything......................


Kristina B said...

Are you going to Greece next month? Lucky woman, you. Say hello to my relatives.

Thanks for putting me onto the blog post. I needed the amusement :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish...........I was but Nuh! The girl will be here at XMAS!

Tjoes said...

Hi Susie - Just want to say hello, when reading you blog.

From Tjoes at Ravelry