Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buttons and My Studio and Easter Greetings!

Well I got over my hissy fit!

And I think I've found the balance again TO INNER PEACE....

After much thought and scratching around in my

It's as tidy as it's gonna get for those of you who care to read this and are finicky about tidiness. I can find exactly what I'm looking DON'T touch or move anything!

I found a tin of

that I had scrounched from Uni days......knowing that I would eventually find a use for them.

Now I just had to cover up that face.

Orginially I thought it was a picture of

then I read the writing and realised he was not associated with Chiropractory and figured it must be someone else.

Even so the pics are remarkably similar.

I found some yarn from my stash

There's more in the house!
And this is what happened

I just love

playing with



Then I fiddled and diddled with the old crochet hooks and

Oh! And while I'm at it I thought you might like to look inside my studio....................

Welcome and enter - keep in mind it's a WORKING studio.................

I should mention that the purple pot was my Nana's chamber pot that was kept under her bed for those nighttime emergencies. Now it's used to keep all my embroidery cut off threads that I will use some day in something.

And also it's Easter.......................

And I'm thinking of the Easter eggs tomorrow..............


Cover your eyes if you are too conservative!

Now I have finally found out how the darn things are made (the easter egss!).

It is totally amazing what you can find on the WWW!

Anyway if you managed to get past THE PORN and are having a lovely time eating the choccies don't worry about Monday..............all that weight gain is just a false reading

Have a great Easter........have a great week..........have a great year!

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Emma of Flitwick said...

You have such a wonderful sense of humour! I love your studio! I need to clean up my stash area DISASTER!!!!