Friday, December 14, 2007

A New Quilted Wall Hanging

This one is taking time.

It is supposed to represent spirituality in Australia - taking the place of the traditional advent things that happen in church which is a bit of a pain because for the life of me I can't see how something that happened (presumably......if you believe all that stuff) has anything to do with me today.
Especially since it was on a different continent, different culture, different bloody everything if you ask me......which you probably aren't......if you are reading this.

Rather than go with the crib and the family and stuff I decided to paint a background and put 'things' that represent Australia on it starting with Uluru. It is in the heart of a sacred place for the desert Aborigines and has become an icon to both indiginous people and the imported variety as well (of which I am one!).

The burnt tree stump with new growth I think is self explanatory. All the old ideas, old beliefs, old behaviours, old prejudices that do not support me in having a full life have to go so new life can spring forth. We see this so often with our forest here.......they are charred to a crisp one summer and then a wildly growing in the next spring. Some plants here cannot germinate until a fire goes through.

I'm getting ready stitch the next section which will be about water and grief and sadness at Xmas.

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