Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day - Part Two.........

Somehow I managed to leave out the kids in my previous thought I should have a look at motherhood.
After all isn't that why we have Mother's Day.
Ya know most cats start off pretty cool
The mother's Day story must start with a meeting of sorts.....
then one thing leads to another and
Generally there is a lot of praying going on after the event either for or against........(I realise this is pretty basic kinda stuff..........I do know about birth control...........)

but regardless of which way the prayers go this is the ususal culmination of the situation:

generally craving unusual foods

After a while the nesting instinct takes over and a suitable place has to be established.

or a

Eventually after waiting a while these pop out

and your life is never the same
They are there with you all the have to share everything.....

A normal size house doesn't seem large enough when they arrive..............
and the bed is no longer yours

They join you in the
And it seems all lovely and cute
Then the fun starts
Firstly they jump all over your good furniture without a care in the world

They complain about food..........
or else want to eat things you don't approve of
They won't bathe when you want them too and wrestle you like hell!
If your lucky toilet training works

and I won't discuss what happens when it doesn't.
Oh and a lot of


to save them from

Then life goes, friends.........and eventually teenage years where you really wish you could go

You do lots of driving here and there
always hoping you don't find this
and being generally

Oh and that once cute thing can come out with most nasty comments especially after all you've given up for it!

At those moments you just need to go hide and chill out

because IT IS POSSIBLE that the sweet thing may become a normal cat being.
Even if it doesn't just REMEMBER you will always continue being an ultra cool
SO join a knitting or crochet group


Tjoes Design said...

.. funny reading and I still wonder where you find all those pictures!

..But you forgot a picture of your haircut or are you too shy LOL!!!

Betty Donahue said...

Love all those kitty pictures.

Anonymous said...

That's hillarious. I love the way you bring it all together. :D


Kristina B said...

Way over the top, Susie!!! I love your post, but at the same time it makes me glad I never gave birth.

Vale all the mothers!!!

Emil said...

The last one was the best pic :) and the storyes of yours are always funny & great :)
Happy Monday(or is it a Tuesday already) to You :)

Nukke said...

SELVĂ„ !!! I will keep on smiling but I don't do needlework. I'm only taking photos and that's why I am asking you if you have seen my latest Moody Monday cat pic ??? and my bird pics and Finnish nature pics ??? I really enjoy reading your blog ! I'll keep on smiling !

Yarnartist said...

OMG, this is priceless!