Monday, March 17, 2008

the ODE to MATH Cushion

I've been knitting wildly for a month making
a Conglomeration Caper Cushion
commonly known as
It's a free pattern from the site
and I also have books called
Woolly Thoughts
No-Pattern Knits
by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer.

I started off with a bit of a shopping spree
where I bought

All Australian Wool.............and very yummy. 8 ply!
So..... I started with full instructions and enough determination to kill a

Anyway I did the first square perfectly:
see the RED square..
then the next bit
and the next bit
and the next bit
and I noticed that it was starting to wobble crazily..............
and I realised that it wasn't matching the pattern.
It was going all bumpy and out of shape........
Could it be that I had NOT read the instructions correctly?
or did I even read the instructions?
Or did I just look at the picture.....

I really started to think that.......................

Then I realised that what I really had to do was!
Not look at the fish..........but see the BIG Picture!

So after peering at it for a couple of hours
and prodding
and pulling
and poking
and realising that it would not explode before my very eyes...

I quickly

IT into some sort of shape
and kinda got it all under control

NoT EXACTLY A SQUARE.......but some sort of Mathematical Shape.

So the Saga of the Ode to Math Cushion is over...........but my daughter (who got it for her birthday) want to learn how to knit...................


in disguise!


Kristina B said...

Don't kill the rooster!!!

What a fabulous cushion, Susie. You are my hero.

Kristina B said...

PS. Don't Kill the Rooster.

(the rooster in the greek is 1/2 greek 1/2 american. We're EVERYWHERE!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! The flaming rooster would too tough to eat anyway. I'm thinking of a nice hot avgolemono soup! YUM! Not cold enough yet.
Oh did I say that......that would mean a dead chook! LOL!
And a Queen and Hero go well together!

Nukke said...

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