Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not happy with the lace knitting and the BIG QUESTION!!!!! The saga of SOTSii

I'm still knitting the blasted lace and I'm

This is how I look when I'm knitting..............

And it's not a good look.........very FRAZZLED.

I am all organised.......................

I start off looking like this

I have the

and a

and the

I've put in many

(LIFELINES!!!!!!!!!!!!! that are supposed to save you!)

and I bought special lace needle which is fantastic...................

I have gorgeous yarn which is 50% silk and 50% New Zealand wool which knits up beautifully.

but I am still hearing that blasted croaking sound from the

I don't know why he looks so damned happy...................Probably because he is famous and doesn't give a damn..............

I will have to go and read my

and breath........................

Otherwise I think I'm going to turn into an extremely fat relaxed cat and just go and lay under a tree and play with the yarn.

I really do think that I should go sit under a tree because I thought I had it sorted last night and ended up pulling out six more bloody rows. GRRR!

This animal is testing my patience to the ultimate limit!

It is sitting on the floor where I threw it in disgust!

What to do?

Do I continue on with struggle? Do I unpull and make up into lots of socks.....which incidently I can knit very easily. Even with complicated patterns.
I was reading the latest Interweave Knitting magazine and noted a PERSON has an alter ego when she knits.
Maybe I should have an alter ego.................WENDY? Where are you............
Now this is abject ramblings of an seemingly sane person out in society.............but in the depth of my humble abode with the knitted animal sitting on the floor I have turned into some type of feral creature counting stitches over and over again...........knowing that numbers and I have never bonded let alone become friends.
Perhaps I will have a brain wave and figure it out like a flash of lightening from the heavens.


Kristina B said...

Sob. I feel your pain, Susie. I hope the blog post was cathartic...

love the yarn, though!

Hilary said...

That is exactly how I feel knitting this, too! Just as I feel like it's going smoothly, I see a mistake way back when from the day before!

Emma of Flitwick said...

You have voiced what I am feeling. The stole is taking control. I ripped the beast all the way out and am starting fresh because I am in charge damn it!!!!

Sally said...

Are you willing to try the written directions instead of using the chart? That is what I am doing, since I am pretty new to lace knitting. I have a copy of the directions that I can mark up. As I complete a part of the row, I mark it off, so I know right where I am. I use a metal board and a magnet strip marking which row of directions I am working on. I am on my third try on the swatch---had to change needle sizes! It is going much better now, and I am confident that I will get through this! Best wishes to you---you shall succeed!

Anonymous said...

Goddess the pain of it all. Kristina the post was cathartic because I got the animal under control after I wrote it and am happily half way through hint 2.
Hilary.........my biggest problem is not seeing a past mistake - I'm not looking for them........it's when there are either too many or not enough stitches on the needle for the pattern.
Sally.....I'd really go bonkers reading the instructions. I can read a graph and find it easier than written stuff. It's the numbers and counting that gets me. I have written in the numbers of the stitches between 'patterns'. This seems to have helped.
Thank you all for your cheering me onwards........I am gonna finish the bloody thing..........I can assure you!

Anonymous said...

Emma......at the moment it is behaving itself.....but I'm not up to hint 3 yet when no doubt, all hell will break loose! LOL!
I must make a mantra........I am in control I am incontrol I amincontrol Iamincontrol

Kristina B said...

Susie, the counting really, really bugs me too. You have NO IDEA. Well, I guess you do. However, I've found that it is necessary to keep sanity.

We are not alone, judging from other commenters here: also, here's a comment from Amy who posted this on my blog today (I had sent her some Fleece Artist to make a simple garter shawl as an antidote to SOTSii lace issues and for her "blogbirthday):

"That was exactly what I needed to keep me from wrapping that lace weight yarn around my neck and pulling the ends until my head just pops off. I really, really want to knit lace, but I don't really enjoy it. I don't know what the psychological diagnosis would be for that little character flaw, but I'm sure there is one."

My response was: must be OCD behaviour!

Anyway, glad to hear it's going better now... sending you good Canajan frozen winter vibes...