Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm going crossed eyed - The beginning of the Saga of SOTSii!

I am going crossed eyed knitting! That insect is the animal that appears on the end of my nose (really sitting on two knitting needles!)

The project is a lace stole! Which I can't show because it is a secret thing...........though I will put a pic of the Hint 1 when I finish it! GRRRRRR!
Why have I decided to knit may well ask?

I can't answer that because I can't remember........and now I have spent $$$$$$ on yarn to make it I feel compelled.
The problem is the

Looks kinda cute, doesn't he! Well he's not. Makes a lot of noise..........and I have to pull out so many stitches because it interrupts my train of thought in reading the graph.

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